Sermon Posts

Our custom Sermon solution provides everything you could possibly require. With the ability to display videos, MP3 files or even PDF downloads in one page easily along with your regular content, you have the freedom to supply as much information as your visitors can consume.


Sermon Posts.

The front of your site will check when loading a sermon page for attached media and automatically display an icon to represent the media type (audio, video and PDF download) users can then click the icon to display the relevant media on the same page, no reloading of the page or opening in lightboxes, just a seamless experience for admins and users alike.

  • To add audio file(s) just upload the audio files to the post.  No need to insert, the code will pick up the attachments.
  • To add a video link, just enter the url to the video in the space provided.
  • To add pdf – just upload the pdf’s to the media library and select them from the dropdown list.


Genesis Church enables you to create speakers, so if you have a regular set, or special one off appearances, you can allow users to select that speaker from a side menu (or a sermon post) so that they can see all sermons given by that particular speaker. A useful tool for users of your site to filter sermons they are interested in.

sermon_categoriesSermon Categories.

Adding sermon categories to help categorize your sermons any way you want.  This works exactly like blog categories, you can even add your own category to the menu as it’s own ‘group’.