Admin Panel Options

The custom admin panel allows you to administer the full look and appearance of your theme. With logo upload sections, fav icon setting, social media settings and link, plus of full control over colors, textures and backgrounds for all parts of your page.


Genesis Church isn’t just pretty on the outside. Under the hood is a powerful, yet easy to use, admin options panel that will get you up and running, and customizing the look and feel of your site, quickly and effortlessly. From logo uploads to color settings everything is in one easy to use area separated by tabs that clearly define the section you are working on.

General Settings

  • Top Logo Upload
  • Bottom Logo Upload
  • Custom Fav Icon Upload
  • Top and Bottom Border Color
  • Read More Button Text
  • Event Order

  • Event Date Format
  • Tracking Code Box
  • Custom CSS Box
  • Top Background Upload
  • Top Background Color
  • Copyright Info Box

Header Setup

  • Header Background Image Upload
  • Header Background Image Repeat Settings
  • Header Background Color Picker

  • Header Menu Background Image Upload
  • Header Menu Background Image Repeat
  • Header Background Color Picker

Body Setup

  • Body Background Image Upload
  • Body Background Image Repeat Settings
  • Body Background Color Picker

Content Setup

  • Content Background Image Upload
  • Content Background Image Repeat Settings
  • Content Background Color Picker


    • Color Option 1 Color Picker

This option will set the color of li a:hover, all heading’s that are links, regular links, meta information (date of post, posted by) hover state, button background color and background color hover state for video buttons, audio buttons, pdf buttons.

    • Color Option 2 Color Picker

This option will set the color of li, li a, all headings that are links hover state, all headings, regular text, regular links hover state, top menu items, bottom menu items hover state, blockquote, all pull quotes, toggle titles, top site border, bottom site border, meta information links (date of post, posted by), background color for calendar day box on events, event title in header hover state.

    • Color Option 3 Color Picker

This option will set the color of header event title, top menu items hover state, top menu items active state, toggle titles hover state, button background color hover state and background color regular state for video buttons, audio buttons, pdf buttons and calendar month box on events.

    • Color Option 4 Color Picker

This option will set the color of any meta information that is not a link and bottom menu items.

Homepage Settings

  • Slider Text Color Picker
  • Select # of Blog Articles
  • Select # of Events
  • Top Row Loop Title
  • Top Row Text Block Input
  • Top Row Link Text
  • Top Row Link URL

  • Event Loop Title
  • Event Loop Link Text Input
  • Event Loop Link URL
  • Blog Loop Title
  • Blog Loop Link Text Input
  • Blog Loop Link URL

Social Setup

  • Slider Text Color Picker
  • Social Icon 1 Input
  • Social Icon 1 Link URL
  • Social Icon 2 Input
  • Social Icon 2 Link URL
  • Social Icon 3 Input
  • Social Icon 3 Link URL
  • Social Icon 4 Input
  • Social Icon 4 Link URL
  • Social Icon 5 Input
  • Social Icon 5 Link URL

  • Social Icon 6 Input
  • Social Icon 6 Link URL
  • Social Icon 7 Input
  • Social Icon 7 Link URL
  • Social Icon 8 Input
  • Social Icon 8 Link URL
  • Social Icon 9 Input
  • Social Icon 9 Link URL
  • Social Icon 10 Input
  • Social Icon 10 Link URL